No music, no life…

I love music for as long as I can remember…My mother told me, that when I was just a toddler, I managed to get a chair up to the cupboard, so I could reach up to the radio. Music and the appliances to play music, always had my interest.

When I was a teen, I visited nearly every week a store where they sold speakers, amplifiers, cassettedecks and more. And everytime I was there, I fantasized about which speakers I wanted ( I was a big Jamo fan back then) and what other equipment.

Some 30+ years later, I have a nice set up. B&W speakers and a Denon receiver. And of course CD player, record player and cassette deck.

I am particularly happy with my Denon X2400H receiver! A real beast! 7.1 surround sound, which I did fully use. A fairly simple look, but amazing sound. And it has network capability, so I can listen to internet radio and streaming as well. Which is good, because I am a huge fan of Ferry Maat’s Soulshow Radio! With this baby, I can fully enjoy that.

My fav store, HiFi Klubben has a great tagline: Bad sound kills good music. But at the moment I canot enjoy good music 🙁

Because even good appliances sometimes break down. So for almost 3 weeks now, my receiver is in the shop for repairs. The network card does not work and appearantly it needs a hard to get part. Hopefully it will come back soon, as I bought some nice cd’s and vinyl, but haven’t been able to enjoy it.

Fortunately I am not entirely without good music 😉 Because along with this fantastic receiver, I also purchased a Heos One speaker. A Bluetooth / WiFi speaker. Not as good as my B&W speakers, of course…but quite good.

The Heos One speaker mixed with Tidal at least alows me to listen to my favourite music, which is pretty essential to me! And it shows, that although I prefer old-school physicial music media, I do appreciate the benefits of streaming music.

Bottom line is: I cannot live without music and fortunately I have more than one way to enjoy good music 🙂

What is your favourite way of enjoying music?

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